Heelys Skates / Heelys Trainers (shoes with wheels!)
Heelys Trainer Skates

You may have seen kids gliding around shopping centres or around your town, or you may have seen Heelys TV. If you want a pair of trainer skates then you have come to the right site!

The trainers or roller skates are called Heelys, and Heelys Skates are a new craze sweeping the nation at the moment… Put simply they are a pair of trainers with a wheel inserted into the heel, like a roller skate which allows the wearer to effortlessly roll across the ground, walk and even run!

The reason they are so versatile is the roller wheel in the heel is removable so when taken out the Heely trainers act as a normal pair of trainers, so you get a pair of skates and a pair of trainers for the price of 1!

Now you can buy your Heelys at the cheapest prices on the internet.

Don't forget Heelys are not for only for children but they can also be purchased in adult sizes.

Impressed!? Wait till you see them in action - people will stop and stare as you glide across the ground in the your Heelys Skates!

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What size should I get?

Sizes come in childrens small 12 sizes up to adult 12 sizes.

Heelys Skates come up a bit small so it's best to go up 1 size from that of your normal shoe…
This will give the wearer a bit more comfort and allow a bit of growing room (extra insoles are useful to accommodate for space in the shoe)
Please note: Heelys do not produce half sizes!
If you are a half size it's best to go up 1½ sizes (example: if you are UK 1½ it would be best to go up to a UK 3 – extra insoles would be a must in this case).

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So many models to choose from! Which one do I buy?

Probably the easiest question to answer…
The best thing to do is work out what set-up you think would be best for your level and then run down the list of features on each model and find the one that best matches…don't forget colour – pick your favourite! Prices range from £30 to £60

New Heelys Models for 2018

New Light Up Heelys are now available in 3 designs.

Premium 1 Lo Silver Chrome Kids Heely ShoePremium 1 Lo Triple Black Kids Heely ShoePremium 1 Lo Triple White Kids Heely Shoe

There have been a new range of Heelys for 2018, including Heelys Split Silver Chrome, Heelys Split Silver Pink, Heelys HX2 White, Heelys X2 Black, Heely Veloz, Heelys Motion Plus Ice Blue, Heelys Spiffy, Heelys Force, Heelys Propel, Heelys Dual Up, Heelys Tornado, Heelys Fly, Heelys X2 Fitness, Heelys Propel, Heelys Bolt, Heelys Uptown, Heelys Bolt. View the full range here.

Heelys Motion Plus FushiaHeelys Split Silver PinkHeelys Fresh Black and Pink

Buying your Heely Trainer Skates

It is best to start of with a pair of basic Heelys, these trainer skates have two wheels in the sole and are slightly easier to heely in, making them the ideal pair to begin with. They also start from size 12 so they are really good for tiny feet.

Heelys Straight Up

Heelys Straight Up Black


Order your Straight Up for Boys

Sizes 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Heelys White Fizz

Heelys Fizz White/Pink


Order your White Fizz for Girls

Sizes 12, 13, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7



NOTE: It is advisable to buy Heelys Skate shoes one size bigger than your child's school shoe, although great fun, they can be an expensive treat so we personnally feel it is worth getting a pair that is going to fit for more than a few weeks.

Who sells Heelys online in the UK?

Heelys Accessories

There are a number of accessories available for Heelys Skates including:

Heelys Backpacks / Heelys Rucksacks

New in are the Heelys Rebels Rucksacks, OK so some people call them Heelys Backpacks as well.

They come in Heelys Rucksack Pink White, Camo. Grey/Royal/Orange, Splatter, Cheetah, Swirl, Digital Camo and Pink/Black/White colours.

Heelys Rucksack Pink/Black Heelys Backpack Camo
Heelys Rucksack Pink/Black Heelys Backpack Camo
Heelys Backpack Pink/White Heelys Backpack Grey/OrangeRoyal
Heelys Backpack Pink/White Heelys Backpack Grey/OrangeRoyal

Heelys Wheel Bag

A heavy duty nylon bag with belt clip used for carrying spare Heelys wheels or a place to store them when you need to walk. Buy your Heelys Wheel Bag

Heelys Rocket Wheels

Rocket Wheels are a set of replacement wheels for the Heelys Rebel
2 medium cast PU 'quick' wheels and 2 small cast PU 'quick' wheels
Full precision Heelys ABEC 3 '608' bearings and ABEC 5 Wheels and Heelys HX2 Wheels

Fully assembled and ready for immediate installation. Buy your Heelys Rocket Wheels

Helmets, Pads and Protection

Kneepads, Elbow Pads and various helmets are available whilst you learn to wheely, in order to keep you safe and free from bruises. Buy your Heelys Protection today.

Heelys Wheel Removal Tool

A handy tool for removing your wheels. Beats bendy spoons, and only £3.50. Order your Heelys Wheel Removal Tool. or Wheel Removal Tool and Heel Plugs Set

Heelys Heel Plugs

You can take the wheels out and plug up the holes of your Heelys then wear the shoes as normal shoes with this handy £9 set of plugs and it includes a tool to remove the wheels. Order your Heelys Heel Plugs.


Some Heelys have 1 wheel, some have 2…What's that about?

Heelys have 2 different wheel set-ups which relate to your experience…

1 Wheel

This set-up is better for people who have had experience using Heelys or generally have good balance… These allow you to go faster and turn quicker

2 Wheels

This set-up is better for beginners as the 2 wheels act like training wheels on a bike…They basically allow the user a little bit more balance helping to gain confidence of use..

Tip – Be mindful when choosing a set-up as it not advisable to use 2 wheel Heelys Trainers with only 1 wheel inserted.

Bearings - What does the ABEC rating mean?

Without getting too complicated the rating is relevant to the speed of the bearing…The higher the number, the better the bearing, the faster you go…It's that simple

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Learning to Heel Skate in Heelys Skates

1. Find a railing to hang on to. Lift the ball of your foot and find your balance point. Try this on one foot, then repeat with both feet.
2. Begin with your feet together.
3. Step forward, leading with your strong leg, and balance on the heel assembly.
4. While the strong leg is balanced on the heel,
5. Use the trailing leg to push your body forward; then quickly lift the ball of your foot and balance on the wheel.
6. Pull yourself along the railing at first, while finding the balance point.
7. And to make sure you don't bust, keep your trailing foot directly behind the leading foot.

Hold a handrail or door jam while finding your balance point.
Lock the knee of the trailing foot.
Keep one foot directly behind the other.
Go over cracks at an angle.
To Heel faster run into the motion instead of stepping or pushing.
If you think you're going to do a face plant, just put your toes down and walk out of Heeling motion.

Heelys Skates are essentially an ordinary shoe (trainer, sneaker), except that in their heels , the shoes have a single wheel embedded in the sole . Thus, the wearer can walk, run, or - by shifting their weight to their heels - roll. Advanced Heelys users can perform tricks such as soft braking, which is the process of lowering the front section of rear foot, gently, to increase friction and slow to a stop.

When worn daily, it typically takes about a month to master the wheeled shoes. The basics, wheeling in a straight line, can be easily learned within a few minutes. More advanced moves, like 360's, 180's, aerial trickery and the like require focus and persistence to attain.

Wearing and Caring for your Heelys Trainer Skates

We would advise that children wear the appropiate protection gear, in case of any bumps or falls.

Once your child has mastered the art of Heelys trainers it is great to watch their confidence grow as they move onto turns and jumps, and don't forget we can get them in mums and dads sizes too!

Try not to wear your Heelys trainers out on wet surfaces. The wheels in the trainers have a sophisicated bearing system inside, and Heelying on wet surfaces could allow the bearings to become damaged.

Do not heely over gravel. The small stones could become jammed in the wheel mechanism, thus locking the wheels.

Always check the wheels move freely before putting your Heelys trainers on.

Heelys are not machine washable.

Order your Heelys Trainers today, whilst stocks last.